Before there was Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Post Mates, etc. in Colorado, there was one amazing company that brought food to our doors for for decades. Now, that company is packing up and leaving Colorado by the year's end, and laying off all of its staff.

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Famous Food Delivery Service To Leave Colorado, Lay Off All Employees In Dec


Not to completely date me publically here, but when I was growing up, unless it was pizza or Chinese, there weren't many, if any, other food delivery options around. I want to say that my dad had King Soopers deliver some stuff to the house in a pinch, but that was way before the boom of home delivery services. However, there was one company that helped keep refrigerators and freezers stocked all over Colorado for decades, and that extremely popular service is now leaving Colorado by the end of the year for good.

Yelloh, Formerly Schwan's Food Company, Closing All Colorado Locations

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

After launching back in 1952, Schwan's Food Company launched and changed the game as far as home food delivery was concerned. Starting with ice cream, and ending up with an entire packet of frozen goodies, people loved their Schwan's deliveries. In 2022, Schwan's was re-branded to "Yelloh" as a nod to their yellow delivery trucks. Now, just a year after the re-brand, Yelloh (Schawan's) is closing all Colorado warehouse and delivery facilities effective December 15th, 2023.

With the closures come layoffs of all of their teams from their Denver, Loveland, Castle Rock, and Colorado Springs locations. But why? (If you're unfamiliar with Schwan's, here's an old-school infomercial I dug up, below...)

Why Is Schwan's / Yelloh Leaving Colorado?

The reason from one employee that Townsquare spoke with, said that "it's a restructuring to focus on their more profitable locations across the country." Colorado isn't the only state Yelloh is leaving. Makes sense from a business standpoint, but selfishly, we're going to miss those big yellow "Yelloh/Schwan's" trucks roaming the neighborhoods and dropping off tasty frozen goodies.

If you're a fan of specific Schwan's/Yelloh items, you can still order through and have it shipped UPS in an insulated cooler, but I'd imagine that costs a pretty penny on shipping. At the end of all of this, I can't help but wonder what I do with my giant red Schwan's freezer bag now. Collectors item I suppose... Thank you, Schwan's, for literally a lifetime of yellow truck memories. Speaking of Colorado closures...

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