A former Denver Broncos great, and Super Bowl 50 Champion is back in the news, but this time his trophy is a huge Colorado Mountain Lion, and some people aren't too amused.

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Retired Denver Broncos Player Hunts Colorado Mountain Lion

Being born and growing up in Colorado my entire life, I've come to know many people who love to hunt. Always showing off pictures of their kills and nowadays post videos of the process of cleaning and cutting up the meat etc. It's a super sport I suppose, but it's never interested me too much. I'd guess maybe it's because I've watched too many damn Disney movies and it's made me soft? For those who enjoy the sport of hunting, it truly seems like they're having a blast, and Colorado appears to be a great place to do that. That's probably why this former Broncos defensive beast has stayed in Colorado. Although his latest kill has some people calling for his head...

Derek Wolfe Hunts And Kills Colorado Mountain Lion

Former Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 Champion, Derek Wolfe, is an avid hunter. With just a quick look at his Instagram account, you quickly learn that besides football and his family, hunting is his jam. On Wednesday he posted a picture of him holding a huge mountain lion that he had hunted earlier in the week. Without reading or looking into the situation, and knowing his reasoning behind the hunt, people were quick to judge. Here's his full post with this epic photo and the reason why he hunted this big Colorado cat.

As seen in this article written just two weeks ago, this small Colorado town has had over ten dogs killed since November, and it was making people nervous for their family's safety. Derek stepped in and "saved the day" in many people's eyes, especially those in the community where this great beast was, as Derek said, "wreaking havoc." Some of those on the outside looking in had different opinions in the comment section of Derek's post, as they did not approve of his latest kill. Can't please 'em all I suppose. Having met Derek multiple times, I can tell you firsthand what a kind and caring individual he is, and I'm sure the folks that he helped in this small Colorado town would agree. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife did also confirm that this was all legal.

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