British Ginger kid Ed Sheeran was interviewed by a large cat, courtesy of those ever-creative folks at the New Zealand publication Coup de Main. Yes, we said a cat. Sheeran was a good sport during the cat chat, fielding lots of awkward, hilarious and inappropriate questions from the bulky kitty.

Sheeran was asked funny, feline-themed questions, such as which artist he prefers (Cat Power or Cat Stevens) and what he would do with nine lives if he had ‘em. It’s a cat’s world, and since it was the kitty asking the questions, Sheeran had no choice but to relent.

The best question that was posed to the singer-songwriter during this five-minute video Q+A was which One Direction member would he give a rose to if they were competing for his heart on ‘The Bachelor.’ Which 1Der did Sheeran choose? No, it was not Harry Styles or Zayn Malik, but Liam Payne. So maybe Sheeran has a platonic dude crush on Payne?!

We now understand why Sheeran worked with Taylor Swift, a notorious cat lover. They have something in common besides immense talent, fame and fortune in the music industry. They both relate to and understand cats, and that makes them, like, totally on the same plane.

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