Never underestimate a man's ability to think when he's waiting for a chicken sandwich. A police video shows how one guy stopped a bad guy in his tracks with only his truck door. Bam.

For what it's worth, this guy is a Texan. Don't forget that Chuck Norris was Walker Texas Ranger. This guy is proudly carrying that flag. He's in a Chick-Fil-A drive-thru when he sees a bad guy fleeing the police. Does he just sit there and do nothing? No way. He lowers the boom on the fleeing alleged criminal so the police chasing him can cuff him.

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In case you can't see their clever Facebook status, here's what they shared:

Today, Jacksonville Police Officers attempted to stop a man in a stolen vehicle. The suspect ran through the Chick-Fil-A parking lot. A hungry customer, who was waiting patiently for his chicken sandwich, used his door to stop the suspect. The suspect was quickly apprehended after the “HANGRY” (but helpful) citizen reminded the suspect as to why you should never run from the police.

I always appreciate when our friends in blue try to be funny. Well done, officers. Kudos to this chicken sandwich-loving dude who refused to stand by (or sit) and not get involved. Heroes among us indeed.

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