With all the traffic that has flooded Northern Colorado in the recent years, I think a review of how to drive in Colorado is in order. I drive a lot, as most people do in Northern Colorado, and I have many heard discussions of the traffic. I thought I'd do a review of the Colorado Road Rules so everyone is aware of how we do things in Colorado. Please feel free to share with whomever you feel needs a refresher! Even if you never go a notch over the speed limit, stop at yellow lights, come to a complete stop and wait 3 seconds at stop signs, and never tailgate...chances are you are breaking the law.

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    Lights and Sirens Non Yielders

    This is my biggest pet peeve driving. I'm floored every time that I hear or see a fire truck, ambulance, or police having their lights and sirens on and they have to slow down and blare their horn for someone to get out of their way. As a fellow driver on the road, if you can't see or hear a firetruck coming up behind you, this is worrisome to have you behind the wheel.  Let's review this Colorado road law...it is the Law in Colorado that you are to pull over to the right as much as you can and stop. Don't be one of those moving inchers either. For emergency vehicles, going that fast is about one of the most dangerous and scary times for them. You being on the road is a hazard for them and the less that you are in their way the better. Think about if you are in an emergency situation and you are waiting for help, and seconds seem like hours, wouldn't you want fire/police/ems to get their as easily and fast as they could? Where they are going is extremely important and time sensitive, so pull over. Keep all the responders and yourself safe and completely stop.

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    Left Lane Lingerer

    A lot of states by now have adopted the "Keep Right" driving law. Colorado is no exception and has been such a state for many years now. The "Keep Right" law states that you can not drive in the left lane unless you are actually passing a car. If you are directly next to a vehicle and are blocking traffic, you are breaking this law. Natives know this law and soon those that move here catch on as well, because we do not take kindly to those that are left lane lingerers. I even know someone who has gotten a ticket for this, so just remember that if you are not passing, stay out of the left lane. It's even posted on top of the sign that it is a State Law. If you don't want to drive that fast or not even go the speed limit, that's fine, just stay in the right lane.

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    Ear Bud Dud and Not Moving Over

    Driving with earbuds is also illegal and becoming a huge issue. It not only cancels out the noise that you actually need to hear like police and fire but also any other warning signs that would keep you, other drivers and pedestrians safe. 9news shows just how big of a problem this is getting. As well as not moving over for accidents, which is a huge safety risk for those that are on the side of the road, and those that are driving. It is Colorado Law to give them room and move over and to slow down. Don't be the clown that goes flying by vehicles or accidents on the side of the road. State Patrol and Denver 7 show how important this driving law and curtesy really is.