You have to wonder if maybe one of the arresting officers looked a little like "Jake From State Farm' after seeing the resemblance to Aaron Rodgers this suspect has.

A man from Wyoming was arrested by Weld County Sheriff's deputies recently for the suspected theft of catalytic converters. To me, the man looks like the quarterback known for making 3td down 'conversions' of his own.

How often do you see someone on the street, or out at a restaurant and think that they look like a famous person? I like to make it a game when I go out with friends:

Don't make a scene, but Mark Hamill's over there...

Obviously, I don't really think a star is hanging in the same place as my friends and I are, but it adds an element of fun to the outing.

Austin Brumfield, according to the Weld Sheriff's Department, was on an outing of his own, to steal some catalytic converts. The converters have gone up in value considerably over the last few years, spawning  a surge in thefts.

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According to the report, it was the heavily damaged car that this 'Rodgers Doppelganger' was driving that got him arrested. Surveillance video captured a vehicle with a badly damaged rear door, suspected as being involved with the theft of two of the converters ($5,000+ in value) from an RV dealership in the Longmont area.

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Sheriff deputies spotted the car, and next thing you know.. Brumfield was giving a fake name (Jack Nickelson) to the deputies because he was wanted in Wyoming. There was a woman in the car was well, though there's no information if she resembled Shailene Woodley.

Just look deep into the suspect's eyes; look at that scruffy beard. Austin Brumfield is his name, but he does bear resemblance to Mr. Aaron Rodgers.

Weld County Sheriff

Of course, when you check out his profile up close, you see the neck tattoo.

Weld County Sheriff

Source: [KDVR]

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