If you've been to Denver International Airport recently, you'll agree that it's currently one of the worst airports to deal with. It's now confirmed as one of the worst for winter travel in the whole U.S. Agree?

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Colorado's Denver Internation Airport 2nd Worst In Country For Winter Travel

Traveling out of DIA is always one of those good-with-bad situations for me. I'm excited to travel, go on Vacation, etc. but our hometown airport is such a pain, always. Especially now with all of the annoying construction. Winter travel with weather delays makes it even worse.

Years ago I was traveling to Houston, Texas to watch my hero (don't laugh), Stone Cold Steve Austin, be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The first flight was canceled last minute, and the next flight was delayed by hours. The end of the story here is pure heartbreak as by the time we finally landed, hauled to the Toyota Center, I ran up to the doors as the event was letting out. The cancellations and delays cost me an opportunity to witness history. I'll never get over that. Many others feel the same about DIA and its awful winter delays and disruptions.

DIA Is The Second Worst Major Airport To Fly From In WInter

Hopper recently put out a list of awful airports when it comes to winter traveling, and three Colorado airports made their list. On their "Top 10 Worst Winter Airports" list, both Aspen and Vail were at the top of the list at numbers one and two. On their "Top 10 Worst Major Airports" to travel in winter, DIA was ranked number two only behind Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusettes. I've only been to Logan a couple of times for a trip I took to see family back there when I was 16 so it's been a minute, but it was a pain just like DIA so I'd tend to agree with this list.

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