Get ready, football enthusiasts: the X League is coming to Loveland.

After Mike Ditka took over the infamous "Lingerie Football League," the team rebranded into something entirely different: a league celebrating the fearlessness of female athletes and the intensity of full contact football. The X League was born, and from it, Denver Rush.

Denver Rush, formerly Denver Dream, doesn't have the greatest record of wins, but the Budweiser Events Center says that regardless, you'll want to be in the stands.

According to a press release from the Budweiser Events Center,

From Hall of Famer and American Icon Mike Ditka comes the X League, a national full-contact 7-on-7 tackle football league played by some of the America’s most athletic and fiercely competitive women. The atmosphere of the games are similar to that of a rock concert with incredible fan access and engagement.

So, who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

The 2021 season, previously on hold due to COVID-19 concerns, will kick off in June of 2021 with Denver Rush facing off against Chicago Blitz. You can grab your tickets starting on February 16. Remember, social distancing will be enforced for those attending, with only four household members allowed per section.

You can grab your tickets right here. 

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