Denver Broncos football is almost here and we have a lot to be excited about. Including locking up our star QB, Russell Wilson, with a massive five-year extension. Here are all of the details of this historic franchise moment.

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Russell Wilson Signs Massive Contract Extention WIth Denver Broncos

I'll never forget where I was when I heard the news that the Denver Broncos had made maybe the biggest blockbuster trade in the team's history. I was in a meeting with the amazing folks from Cheyenne Frontier Days when one of the meeting leaders goes "WHOA, wait a minute... The Denver Broncos just traded for Russell Wilson!" and the room freaked out. Yes, the Seattle Seahawks were sending their future Hall of Fame Quarterback, Russell Wilson, to the Denver Broncos. I was literally shaking. The Broncos have been my main team for as long as I can remember. Highs and lows, I bleed orange and blue, but these last 5 years have been rough. It's the worst this team has ever been, period. So getting a Super Bowl-winning QB, in his prime, is a huge deal.

Now that the new Walton-Penner ownership group is in place, they went right to work to lock up their guy. After months of conversations with Russ' management team, the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson were able to come to terms on a new five-year extension worth $245 million with $165 million guaranteed. The deal was broken by Adam Schefter this morning.

While it doesn't make him the highest-paid QB in the NFL, it makes him the highest-paid Broncos player in franchise history. Solid dough for the future Hall of Famer, but also doesn't put the team in a situation where they have no cap room to surround Wilson with other great players, like other QBs in the league, have done recently. If you give the QB all of your money, you can't afford to put any talent around him. Russ is smart like Brady was all of those years, taking a little less to make sure they could afford the other tools that were needed to win. Here are some more local reactions regarding Russ' new deal in Denver.

We got our guy, and I for one can not wait until opening night in Seattle on September 12th. Mark my words, the Denver Broncos of old, are back. Go Broncos.

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