Every so often, a restaurant releases a new menu option that's so unhealthy it makes my heart hurt.  I'm not saying these things don't sound delicious; but I'd just as soon avoid them, and thus avoid a heart attack.  And now Pizza Hut U.K. has taken a new leap in that direction.


Introducing the new hot dog stuffed crust pizza!  As if cheese in the crust wasn't bad enough, now British pizza-lovers can have an extra-long, honest-to-goodness frank wrapped up in their pizza crust.  Aaaand...yep, here come the chest pains!

"What the hell, America? I thought we were the land of junk food?" a betrayed Gizmodo cries, but the poor U.S. was always going to finish second in that race. There's no competing with anybody who can invent the chip butty: a buttered hamburger bun stuffed with cold French fries, dressed in ketchup, and dubbed the King of all Sandwiches.

[via Bites.]

It's true.  My fiance spend three weeks in London last Summer, and came back raving about meat pies, pasties and other culinary delights that pack on the pounds.  This new pizza is just the next evolutionary step, apparently!

I guess the only thing left to do now is take bets on how long this pizza will take to show itself stateside; because you know it will!

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