There's a new sheriff in town
It is time to run down the highlights of the local 'Missed Connections' from this past week.

These are copied just as they are written and who knows? One may be about you!

sheriff deputy with initials S. S. - w4m (Noco)

Info on drive an SUV for work...possibly towed a small trailer with it recently.....You've got kids, You just moved. Very, very sexy.


Girl at King Soopers on Harmony with a headlight out - m4w - 29

I should of offered to fix it instead of just telling you to use your brights. If you see this I would be more than happy to fix your headlight!
Cute dogs!

An Equinox mid-day swooning. - m4w (Equinox.)

A blue dress and dazzling blue eyes. I can't remember the last time I've been looked at in that way, it gave me butterflies and a shortness of breath, something I have not experienced in some time. It's a good thing I had that stool for I am sure my knees would have given out from under me. I was looking forward to seeing you this morning. I gave B a call and a text but received nothing and since I do not have your number I didn't care to push it. Id love to hear from you before you leave for....


An addendum of sorts.
Just heard from B, lost his phone last night. Ill leave this up in the event that I don't get to tell you in person.

Edora Park - Tuesday early afternoon - w4m - 23

You were sitting at one of the picnic benches with who I'm assuming was your family. I was walking my dog and you simply caught my eye!
Not sure if you're even single, but I thought this was worth a shot :]

Give me a detail about me so I know it's you :]

I'd love to get to know you.

Younger, Blonde County Worker - w4m - 23 (SW Corner of 34 & Taft, Loveland)

At about 2:45p on Aug 13th, I was sitting at the stop light in a blue Focus going N, looked over and found myself glued looking at you! Lol, we exchanged glances and you waved at me :)
Anyway, hopefully you see this and if you are available, you should reply to this and maybe we can get to know each other better!

....and btw, I am totally a sucker for a guy in a hardworking uniform.. its not weird, totally normal lol

Waterglen jogger, green shorts - m4w - 28

Not really a missed connection, more me creeping out my window. Not in a creepy way though, just saw you jog by and wow I hope you keep the same route tomorrow. Keep up the fine work!

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