Orlando Continues To Mourn The Mass Shooting At Gay Club That Killed 49
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Amid a week full of presidential tweets, women's marches, and unfollowing my relatives on Facebook, a controversial figure emerges from a flurry of internet comments to speak in our home state. 

Milo Yiannopoulos is an unpopular figure amongst liberals and pretty much anyone who likes Leslie Jones.  The technology editor at alt-right online magazine 'Breitbart' was booted off of Twitter in 2016 after he led racist and sexist attacks against Jones and eventually tormented her off of the social media site after she was slated to star in the new 'Ghosbusters' film.

Aside from that, in his columns on the site, he attacks topics like feminism and political correctness-- yeah, we get it Milo, you hate liberals.

This is why it's so odd he's been invited to speak at CU Boulder, especially considering the violent protests that usually follow his speaking tour around the country.  Last week, Denver7 reports that "one person was shot during protests over Yiannopoulos' speaking engagement at the University of Washington [...] and officials at UC Davis canceled his event there after protests broke out" (Source).

In an attempt to stop his appearance, CU Boulder students have started a petition to keep Yiannopoulos from speaking, which you can sign here if you feel inclined.

Transgender rights activist Laverne Cox will also be speaking Wednesday night at CU Boulder in an odd twist, most likely an attempt by the school to keep things copacetic on both sides of the political coin.

No matter what happens, one thing is for sure-- it's bound to be an interesting Wednesday in Boulder.

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