If you've ever been a college student on "The Hill" in Boulder, you know that social distancing isn't exactly easy.

So, students at the University of Colorado Boulder haven't been social distancing. In fact, they've been throwing giant parties, with no masks or distancing in sight.

Unfortunately, these gatherings have likely contributed to the recent spike of COVID-19 cases in Boulder County.

According to The Denver Post, the county has seen over 108 new cases of the virus since June 11, placing it just behind Denver and Adams counties in terms of recent outbreaks.

Thankfully, the spike has not lead to an increase in virus hospitalizations or deaths in the county.

However, Boulder County Public Health officials say that the surge could prevent the county from moving into Governor Polis' "Protect Our Neighbors" phase, which would allow bars to reopen and some events to resume.

CU Boulder Chancellor Phil DiStefano believes that his students' parties are partly to blame for the rise in cases, especially since many of the new cases are associated with the university.

He chastised students in a letter on June 12, stating that their actions are compromising public health.

"This concentration of cases could have likely been prevented if those involved — particularly those hosting and attending parties — had followed public health orders," he said in the letter. "...some students are putting their own health...in jeopardy by engaging in behaviors that imperil the health and safety of our entire community. We will not stand idly by if students are unable or unwilling to meet their obligations."

He then encouraged students to do their part by following public health guidelines, which can be found here. 

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