The man you're about to learn about is nothing short of an enigma. Well, maybe that's not the best word to describe him, but he does go by The Enigma, and he may very well be the most tattooed man in the state of Colorado.

Is The Enigma the Most Tattooed Man in Colorado?

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Paul Lawrence began modifying his body in the 1990s and today is known for being covered from head to toe in blue, puzzle piece-shaped tattoos. In fact, Lawrence, now known by his stage name The Enigma, holds a Guinness World Record for his tattoos.

Originally from California, The Enigma has appeared on TV shows like The X-Files and Ripley's Believe it or Not, as well as in movies, newspapers, magazines, and books.

Not only that, The Enigma has a reputation not only for his body modifications, but for his live stage show in which he performs various amazing and dangerous acts such as hammering a nail up his nose, eating fire, and other painful and shocking things.

If you've attended events around Colorado like the Mile High Horror Film Festival or various freakshow-type events, there's a good chance you've seen The Enigma in person and probably found him much more friendly than most would assume based on his appearance.

Believe it or not, The Enigma relocated to Denver, Colorado roughly nine years ago, which is why there's a good chance you've seen him at various events across the state.

However, it's unclear as to whether or not he still lives here, though he does continue to show up at Colorado events so the chances are pretty likely.

So, is The Enigma the most tattooed man in Colorado? If he still lives here, he sure is.

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