It's playoff time for your Colorado Avalanche as they seek to secure the Stanley Cup once more. To get you fired up, here's the Avs goal song history. Which is your favorite?

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Colorado Avalanche Goal Song History

It's NHL Playoff time and the Colorado Avalanche are your Central Division Champions and have secured home ice for Round 1, which starts tonight, April, 18th, at Ball Arena. One of the best parts about seeing a hockey game live is the insane amount of energy when that goal horn hits. The whole building erupts as the horn sounds and the goal song takes over. Do you love the Avs current goal song? Which has been your favorite over the last almost three decades? Let's take a look back...

Colorado Avalanche Goal Song 1996 - 2006

Maybe the most famous song in sports, "Rock and Roll, Part 2" or the "Hey Song" as it's more popularly known, was the original goal song when the Avalanche came to Denver in 1996. In fact, as I just learned about in this video below, the song was made famous by the old "Colorado Rockies" hockey team and was known as the "Rocky Hockey Theme Song."

A variation of the popular Gary Glitter song would remain as the Avs goal song until the 2006-2007 season.

Colorado Avalanche Goal Song 2006-2007

For the 2006-2007 season, the Avalanche changed up the goal song to "Song 2" from Blur. This was also quite the sports arena anthem with its popular "WOOHOOO" lyrics. This would only last one season though...

Colorado Avalance Goal Song 2007-2011

From 2007- 2011 the Avs brought back the Hey Song as the goal anthem at the (then) Pepsi Center. It changed again a little bit in 2011.

Colorado Avalanche Goal Song 2011-2015

From 2011 through 2015 the Avs used a combo of the Hey Song combined with "The Whip" by Locksley which was quite the goal anthem mashup! It would last for about four seasons when they changed it up yet again.

Colorado Avalance Goal Song 2015-2016

For the Avs '15/'16 season, the team began using "Born To Rage" by Dada which was, a rager, no pun intended. OK, maybe a little... That only lasted one season though. The next change would also only last one season,

Colorado Avalanche Goal Song 2016-2017

In the 2016/17 season, the Avs went with "Delirious" by Steve Aoki as the goal anthem. Another short-lived goal song, but the final goal song would finally stick.. And no, they did not bring back the "Hey Song" again.

Colorado Avalanche Goal Song 2017-2023

All of those awesome goal songs over almost 30 seasons, bring us to the current goal anthem which they began using in 2017. A remix of "Chase The Sun" by Planet Funk. Chase the Sun, otherwise known as the "Dart Song," has been the Avs' go-to theme for the last six seasons, which you can argue, have been some of the best and most consistent years in the team's history.

Will the Colorado Avalanche repeat what they did last season and skate away hoisting the Stanley Cup for the second season in a row?  True Avs fans like myself say absolutely. Go Avs Go!

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