See? 2021 isn't so bad after all.

After a year of constant disappointment, we've all needed a little bit of joy in our lives, and the Girl Scouts of Colorado are delivering joy in spades. On their GSCO Blog, they announced that they've decided to extend the timeline of the Girl Scout cookie program for March, ending it on the 21st instead of at the beginning of the month.

Because of the pandemic, the organization noted that many of their young businesswomen didn't have the right environment to properly sell their cookies as they would normally. Leanna Clark, Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of Colorado, said:

We all know the challenges of operating a business during a pandemic, and I’ve been thrilled to see the innovative and creative ways Girl Scouts have met that challenge and run their cookie businesses safely. We decided we should make a change too and allow Girl Scouts and troops more time to deliver that comforting taste of ‘normal’ to their customers this year.

The Girl Scouts of America program is based around teaching young women leadership, entrepreneurial skills, money management and more. As a product of the Girl Scouts myself, I remember cherishing every badge, every Girl Scout meeting and making friendships I'll never forget.

...and the cookies. Who could forget? Find out more on the Girl Scouts of Colorado and how to get your cookies before time runs out right here. 

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