A 7-year-old boy from Colorado recently brought home the bronze in a national mullet competition. Behold the glory known as "The Modern Mullet."

The winners have been announced in the 2020 USA Mullet Championships, and Colorado has reason to celebrate. Be among the first to congratulate 7-year-old Jude. This young man obliterated the competition with his wicked combination of the business upfront party in the back, combined with a rainbow of colors, recognized as the Modern Mullet.

Jude's 3rd place win earns him a $100 cash prize, Neff shade and a gift card package from Bridge Street Exchange

Colorado's representative, Jude, was the only finalist to showcase a multi-color entry. Unbeknownst to me, there is more than one style of mullet, and each comes with its own designation. Other winning styles included

  • The Freedom Flapper
  • The COVID Campershell
  • Lil Jack Dirt
  • The Texas Tailgate

Competitors in the children's division included kids ranging in age from one year old to 14. Texas led the field with two competitors finishing in the top ten.

According to CNN, children from across the country submitted photos of their mullets. Photos submitted received more than 20,000 votes and 50,000 reactions on social media. Just over a week ago, Jaxson, representing the great state of Texas, was crowned the winner of the 2020 Kids Mullet Championships contest. Noah from Illinois took the silver, while Colorado's Jude rounded out the top three.

During these tough times it's important to have fun. This is exactly what 2020 needed! - USA Mullet Championships president Kevin Begola

That's a wrap for 2020. What about next year? According to event president Kevin Begola, the event will return next year. In addition to the kid's division, the 2021 event will include a division for adults. Register now.

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