Law enforcement in Colorado picked up come kudos, not for what they do, but for what they wear. What makes Colorado State Patrol's uniform so "sexy?"

The next time you (hopefully don't) get pulled over by a Colorado State Patrol officer, be sure to check and see if you agree about how "sexy" they look, writing you up a ticket. Just don't stare.

Colorado State Patrol Car
Colorado State Patrol

Imagine being a part of this survey, like 3,000 other Americans were: Voting for which state has the sexiest "trooper" uniforms. There's no note about whether they were all compensated to vote, but it does seem like an odd request.

The folks at, a meeting place for the intellectually curious and the pop culture aficionado, put out this list of "America's Sexiest State Police Uniforms," and Colorado put most other state to shame.

Where Does Wyoming's State Patrol Uniform Rank?

The Cowboy State's uniform rank in the lower half of America's "sexiest," coming in at #35.

Wyoming State Patol
Facebook/Wyoming State Patrol
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Colorado State Patrol officers, are out there putting their lives on the line for us Coloradans every day; whether their uniforms are "sexy" or not, doesn't change the fact that they are cherished; but coming in in the top 10, is a nice accolade.

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Where Does Colorado State Patrol's Uniform Rank as "Sexiest?"

Colorado State Patrol in Uniform
Facebook/Colorado State Patrol

Colorado State Patrol comes in at #6. Since they are in the top 10, Wealth of Geeks noted why they are sexy:

Inspired by Colorado's breathtaking landscapes, the light blue shirts mirror the crystal-clear alpine lakes, contrasted with tan trousers as steadfast as the Rockies themselves. This uniform exudes a magnetic allure, embodying the state's adventurous spirit and the rugged charm of those who wear it.

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