Colorado has some crazies, that's no doubt, but I don't recall anyone ever tackling one of our beloved pro sports mascots. Rockies mascot Dinger was taken down by a fan on Monday night at Coors Field. Scroll down for the full video.

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Colorado Rockies Mascot Dinger Tackled By Fan At Coors Field

When it comes to sports mascots in Colorado, we truly have some of the absolute best in the world. Let's start with the Denver Nuggets Super Mascot, Rocky! One of the most famous, and supposedly highest-paid mascots in the world.

Denver Nuggets Super Mascot Rocky

Rocky has been making me laugh since he debuted at McNichols Arena in the 90s. Next up, is Denver Broncos Mascot, Miles.

Denver Broncos Mascot Miles

This high-energy Bronco is full of sass and attitude and we love it. Miles certainly adds to the special vibe felt at Mile High Stadium. What about Bernie from the Colorado Avalanche?

Colorado Avalance Mascot Bernie

This loveable and crazy St. Bernard is as Colorado as it gets. Avs Faithful loves them some Bernie! What about Northern Colorado's Own Slapshot from the Colorado Eagles?

Colorado Eagles Mascot Slapshot

Some in Northern Colorado, including myself, would call him iconic. For twenty years number double zero, Slapshot, has been entertaining Eagles Country, and the games just wouldn't be the same without him. Can't forget about the current NLL Champion Wooly, from the Colorado Mammoth.

Colorado Mammoth Mascot Wooly

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

Colorado's "Oldest" mascot, being prehistoric and all, can be seen at Ball Arena for all home Colorado Mammoth games. The final mascot that we need to talk about, especially since he was attacked at the Rockies game Monday night, is Dinger.

Colorado Rockies Mascot Dinger

Remember meeting Dinger for the very first time? How could we ever forget this moment?

Dinger, who's the sweetest most innocent looking of them all, was tackled by a fan while dancing on top of the Rockies dugout. Watch this video that @_coco0218 posted on Twitter.

My guy Dinger, just dancing away and living his best life, when a (presumably) intoxicated fan decided it was OK to hop up on the dugout and spear the poor dino! Maybe you're not a Dinger fan, those bitter people do exist, but he's essentially a player and you cannot lay hands on him. This right here is about as ridiculous as it gets and I hope this person is banned not just from Coors Field, but all sports venues in Colorado, and maybe the entire country. He certainly needs to be made an example of to discourage and show that these types of behaviors are never welcome at sporting events. Or anywhere for that matter.  No word on if this individual was arrested, but I for one hope he's still sitting in jail. Go Rockies.

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