To recap, if you don't follow sports, watch the news, or pick up a newspaper - ever - there was a football game a few weeks ago between in-state college rivals, Colorado State University and the University of Colorado.

It was a nationally televised, record-breaking game in Boulder, Colorado, that turned out to be a thriller, which CU won in double overtime. It was a really entertaining game, no matter who you were rooting for.

But there was one play that overshadowed the rest in the weeks after.

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Colorado State player Henry Blackburn put a hit on Colorado player Travis Hunter that knocked him out of the game and left him pretty badly hurt. Blackburn was penalized for the play, but many CU fans wanted to see him ejected for the hit, claiming it was a cheap shot.

In the days and weeks that followed, Blackburn and his family received death threats and a lot of criticism for the play, even prompting CU head coach Deion Sanders to condemn the reaction and ask for forgiveness on his behalf.

Even Hunter, who has been recovering from a lacerated liver and is still expected to miss playing time as he recovers, has asked people to leave Blackburn and his family alone, saying it's all part of playing football and that it wasn't a cheap shot.

And now comes a video on Travis Hunter's YouTube account, where he and Blackburn sit down face to face and get to know each other personally, off the field.

In it, the two make fast friends and even take to the bowling alley for a friendly wager, with the winner donating their cash prize to a charity of their choice.

It's a good watch if you need your faith in humanity restored.

People are quick to judge the younger people in America today - which is often hilarious as they decry our youth, then take to social media to get into ridiculous political arguments with people they've never met, no matter which side of the political theater they sit.

But if these two young college football players are any example, the future is bright, as they highlight how much more we all have in common than different from one another.

Even a Ram and a Buff, with history, can get along and be friends.

Kudos to Travis Hunter and "Hank" Blackburn for being good humans and setting a good example for the rest of us.

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