Get your list of your favorite charities together by December 4th.The day that celebrates the giving spirit that comes so naturally in Colorado. Perfectly timed around the Holiday's when people struggle the most, it seems out of the entire year. Colorado Gives Day encourages people to do just that...give. To give what you can to any organization for any cause. It's just that fact that you gave something to those in need that matters. Everyone celebrates it as well...all the media help encourage and make giving easy for everyone.

Colorado Gives Day is also huge in Northern Colorado, with many of our local organizations participating. Weld County Humane Society has already put up the notice to remind everyone of the Colorado Gives Day. Humane Societies are always popular to give too, but you can also discover new amazing charities that are out there or new. Charities that might strike more of a home chord with people over other ones, or charities you never knew even existed. Be sure to celebrate the amazing giving spirit that Colorado has on Tuesday, December 4th!

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