A day that Celebrates Coloradoians giving to all the great charities and non-profits in our state,. 

Grunge Flag of Colorado
Christophe BOISSON

This time of year everyone has a special focus on giving to those in need. Colorado has even dedicated a day to this amazing giving spirit that Coloradoians posses. Colorado GIves Day is becoming one of Colorado's favorite day. This year, December 5th is the day that we are all dedicated to giving a little something extra to those charities and non-profits. One of my favorites charities is Freedom Service Dogs that train shelter dogs to be therapy dogs for Veterans, autistic child, or those that need help physical

Colorado Gives Day.com lists all these Colorado charities andnon-profits that are taking donations, not only today but year round. They are looking for volunteers as well if you are thinking about getting involved in an organization. Whatever pulls at your heart strings, is what i encourage you to give towards. Whether that is animals, children, veterans, those currently serving, those across the sea in poverish countries, or those with health alienments, you can find a great chartiy organization to give to in the spirit of Colorado Gives Day.

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