The Colorado Eagles may have lost to the Bakersfield Condors last night, but does their late-game rally show more promise than is expected going into their Friday night game? I think yes.

The Eagles will, yet again, be facing the San Jose Barracuda, this time on the Barracuda's home ice in California. The Eagles swept their preseason games against San Jose but were beaten in both games at Colorado's home season opener.

With a one-game go at the Barracuda Friday, Oct. 29, the Eagles have a strong chance to come away victorious.

In their preseason games against San Jose, the Eagles had a dominant offensive presence, continually putting pressure on the Barracuda and hardly facing any on their own side of the ice.

In the home opener for Colorado, while offensive play was much more even on both sides of the puck, Colorado still had more shots on goal and was much more physical on the Barracuda's end.

However, one thing that stunted efficiency was missing each other in transition. There were a few missed opportunities that would have been much more successful had the team been as in sync in the first period as they were in the third.

While in California, Colorado will also be facing the Stockton Heat as their third opponent on the road on Saturday, Oct. 30.

The Heat are currently on a three-game tear, defeating Tucson, San Diego, and Bakersfield in three of their opening games of the season.

Stockton is another heavy offensive team, so it will be a face-off of aggression and opportunity between them and the Eagles.

Both games of the weekend will be available to listen to live on 99.9 The Point.

The Eagles will be returning to the Budweiser Events Center on Nov. 2 against the Texas Stars for their Military Appreciation Night.

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