People in Colorado around the country are still in shock about the abrupt departure of the Pink Sugar Cookie at Crumbl Cookies. Today they said goodbye with a funeral. Yes, I'm serious. Video below.

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Colorado Crumbl Cookie Fans Have Funeral For The Pink Sugar Cookie

We broke the sad news to you on Monday that the Crumbl Cookie Co-founder and CEO, Jason McGowan, announced the departure of a Crumbl Cookie Original, the Pink Sugar Cookie. After being a staple in the lineup since Crumbl Cookies' inception, it was time to move on from this fan favorite. The interesting part is that since the announcement of the Pink Sugar leaving the weekly line-up, it's gotten more buzz and chatter than ever before. Kind of a "don't know what you got until it's gone" kind of scenario? Sure, but on the Crumbl Cookies part, it's genius! What better way to get people talking about you, or flooding your locations to buy as many Pink Sugar cookies as they can? Hats off to the marketing team there.

Is the cookie actually going away? I'd say yes, at least for a little while. Does that mean it won't come back with a huge re-launch at some point to capitalize on all of the attention it's been getting during this stunt? No. I'd say their plan was to bring it back all from the start. For now, though, they're all in on saying goodbye, and this funeral for the beloved Pink Sugar shows just how committed they are to their "farewell."

I don't think I've ever seen a funeral or celebration of life for a cookie before, so we can add that to the list of "things I never thought I'd see in my lifetime." I feel like quite a few things have made that list in the last two years, yeah? Rest In Peace, Pink Sugar Crumbl Cookie. We'll think of you often.

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