A pair of Colorado's finest have been selected to show off their skills and protect the masses attending the Super Bowl in Las Vegas next weekend. What an honor.

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Local Colorado Police Officer And K9 Headed To Super Bowl 58 In Las Vegas


Being born and raised in Colorado, seeing the Kansas City Chiefs going to another Super Bowl is enough to make me want to lose interest in the game altogether. Can you relate? Add in San Fransisco de-railing the awesome story that was the Detroit Lions making their first-ever Super Bowl appearance, and the whole game feels like a bust.

When the teams playing don't appeal to you, you find other ways to garner interest in the year's biggest game, and no, I'm not talking about Taylor Swift, who I adore by the way, it's just that I've found another local angle to suck me back in.

Colorado Springs Police Officer An His K9 Donut Keeping Super Bowl 58 Safe

Denver7 YouTube screenshot
Denver7 YouTube screenshot

No, Officer Rodney Biechler or his trusty K9 Officer Donut will not be in the big game next weekend in Sin City, but their job may be even more important. On loan from the Colorado Springs Police Department, Officer Biechler and Donut will be on hand working with other K9 teams from around the U.S. keeping those in attendance for Super Bowl 58 safe.

According to our friends at Denver7, K9 Officer Donut, who is an explosives detection dog, will be on hand for her second round of Super Bowl protection. She provided the same services at Super Bowl 57 in Arizona last year. She did a good job because she's back again.

As a Broncos fan, we cannot root for the Chiefs, but we can root for the safety of Officer Biechler and our trusty K9 companion Donut. Go Broncos.

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