Living in Colorado my entire life, and growing up next to this major Colorado city, I had no idea that rats were such a problem. The rats must be good at hiding from me because this Colorado city just landed on the Top 10 rattiest cities in the U.S. list.

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Colorado City Top 10 Worst For Rats


The state of Colorado is absolutely beautiful in so many different ways. So beautiful in fact that when you think of it, you'd probably never associate it with rats. I've had the occasional mouse from the crawlspace in the basement in the past, but I don't think I've ever seen a live rat in my life.

One Colorado city though has a much larger rat problem than most would ever guess. It's so bad that one Colorado landed on Orkin's annual "rattiest cities in the U.S." list for 2023.

What Is Colorado's Rattiest City In Colorado?


Orkin bases this list of cities on "the number of new rodent services showcasing the demand and also indicates the efforts that residents and businesses of the top cities have taken to treat rodent issues." They then looked at how many rodent treatments the company performed from September 2022 through August 2023. After crunching the data, we're not so proud to tell you that Denver, Colorado, is the 8th "rattiest" city in the entire country. Last year Denver was ranked #10 so our problem has actually gotten worse.  The top three on the rattiest city list are New York City at number 3, Los Angeles at number 2, and Chicago tops the list at number 1.

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