When looking for a job in Colorado, we might start finding employers asking how much we nap at work, if these numbers continue.  They do say a nap is good for us, but should we be napping during work hours?

Even while writing this article, I'm thinking that I could go for a little nap; but then, how would I get the things done, that I need to do? Maybe just a quick "power nap," to get me through the rest of the day. Is that OK?

If you get paid for an eight-hour workday, and you use a portion of that to take a nap, should you feel guilty about it, or should we all embrace napping?

Coloradans Admit to Napping at Work

Maybe it's the new "two martini lunch" model: Getting paid while taking a nap during work hours. "Don't disturb Dave, he's taking his morning nap." I just can't see that happening, but you never know.

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A mattress company, Mattress Next Day, polled 1,500 Americans about their napping habits, and found a lot of us are big fans of a nap. Why not? Naps can really give you a "recharge" for your day, making you ready to get even more done, right?

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The polling revealed that Colorado comes in at #6 of the top 30 states, when it comes to taking naps; Oklahoma takes the least amount of naps, North Dakota takes the most.

Colorado Napping Data

  • 19.44% take naps daily.
  • 44.44% take naps at work/school.
  • 25% have been caught napping at work/school.
  • 75% feel guilty about taking naps at work/school.

Maybe they weren't asked, but I wonder of the people who said they'd been caught at work napping, if they were reprimanded or fired.

Another piece of the data showed that half of Coloradans have taken a nap to avoid a social situation. I can't see telling someone I can't be somewhere because I have to take a nap, but there you go.

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