We've all been there pulling clothing and outfits from our closet trying to figure out what to wear to a job interview. It's like the first day of school all over again wanting to make a fantastically cool first impression.

Even if the first interview or two is on Zoom, what you're wearing from your waist up matters.

I want to preface this by saying that clearly what you do for a living makes a difference. If you're in the creative industry then you have a bit more leeway with these tips than say someone in the business world. That said, trust your gut and do you while remembering that what you wear does matter.

Ok, here we go, these are the colors to avoid during a job interview.

Don't wear orange, brown, red, or multi-colored clothing according to the Top Interview website.

I know what just popped into your head because popped into my head, too. "Don't wear red??? But that's a power color that exudes confidence." Here's the deal with the color red and why it's on this list. Yes, according to Indeed, red is filled with excitement and energy but in an interview, it can send a domineering message and even aggressiveness.

If you insist on red, then use it as an accent color like a scarf or carry a red handbag.

Meanwhile, orange is just no, simply no, don't go there. Brown is simple and boring and just gives off a very passive vibe, and multi-colored clothing like patterns can be distracting unless you have a solid blazer for example in a neutral tone over the busy blouse.

Blue is the absolute #1 go-to if all else fails in your world of deciding on what to wear to a job interview according to Top Interview. Even the shade doesn't matter because blue rules all the way around.

Black and white are also perfect interview colors and easy to add a tiny splash of color if you want to make a statement. Oddly, grey is a top color to wear to an interview as well. I would have thought this went the route of brown and simple and dull but grey exudes classic and well put together.

Purples, pinks, and yellows are fantastic for the creative world but otherwise, Indeed says accent only for these exuberant colors which can send an unprofessional message.

My only question? Green didn't make any list good or bad. Hmmmmmmm. I'm going to say as an accent or in the fashion and creative world you're golden.

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