With so much going on in Colorado this time of year, it's exciting to see that we've landed on another nice list heading into the holiday season. This list has nothing to do with good old St. Nick though.

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Coloradans Have A Long Life Expectancy According To New Report


It's not something you try and think about too often, but in case you've ever wondered, or it's something that weighs on your mind occasionally, if you're in Colorado, you can expect a much longer life than over 30 other states according to the latest National Vital Signs Report.

With so many activities to partake in around our great state, specifically outdoors, it's not a surprise that Colorado landed on the upper end of this report from the CDC. From biking, hiking, skiing, and more, the various ways to keep yourself in good shape around Colorado are almost endless. And with over 300 days of sunshine a year, there's plenty of time to partake in those activities and more.

Where Does Colorado Rank On The CDC Life Expectancy List?


After research done by the CDC looking at basic data from the U.S. Census, Medicare data, number of deaths overall in Colorado, and more, they have Colorado ranked as the state with the 12th highest life expectancy rate in the entire country. What age are they saying?

The average life expectancy for Coloradans is 78.3. Men's average alone is 75.8 while women's is 80.9. The top-ranked state was Hawaii with an average life expectancy age of  80.7. Men at 77.6 and women at 83.8. Mississippi has the lowest-ranked life expectancy coming in at an average age of 71.9.

Why Is Life Expectancy So High In Colorado?

Besides all of the amazing outdoor ways to keep yourself in shape, Colorado also has historically lower smoking rates, access to fantastic healthcare, cleaner air, and more. Obviously, personal habits and healthcare regimens can shorten or increase one's life expectancy around Colorado and beyond.

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