Has the high cost of college applications been keeping you away from getting your degree? On October 15, you can start again with no fees, Jared Polis announced Friday.

In Colorado, you can apply to all 32 of the state's public colleges as well as some select private schools for no cost. Polis said in an article by USNews.com: "By eliminating this cost barrier we believe more Coloradans will seize the opportunity to reach higher and get the education and training they need to thrive in today's workforce."

When I applied to Colorado State University about 10 years ago (wow), I paid around $60. This might not seem like a lot to some, but for many prospective students in the area, it's the difference between attending school and not.

According to the Colorado Department of Higher Education, "last year, Colorado students submitted nearly 23,000 admissions applications to technical schools, community colleges and universities during our first Colorado Free Application Day." Hopefully this year, Colorado sees just as much excitement for higher education as it did in years prior.

You can read more on how to prepare for October 15th right here.

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