Collectors from all over Colorado are getting ready for one of the biggest collector events of the fall. Collect-A-Con is coming to Colorado next month and it looks like an event we're not going to want to miss.

Collect-A-Con Is Coming To Colorado In October

I think just about every person has some sort of collection, right? Be it shoes, toys, cards, jerseys, or dolls, there are endless options. My best friend has a huge collection of wrestling figures and accessories. Literally a whole storage unit full of stuff... Old, and new. My son also has a pretty good wrestling figure collection going on. Monster trucks too. Me? I have crates of CDs and my wife absolutely hates that I won't get rid of them. If you love to collect, or just love to see old toys or meet some of your favorite TV and Movie stars, get ready because one of the biggest collection shows in the world, Collect-A-Thon, is on the way to Colorado in October.

Collect-A-Thon In Denver, Colorado

From Comic Books and Funko POPs to sports, or even Pokemon and Magic Cards, over 500 vendors will be on site will all things vintage and collectible at this year's Collect-A-Thon in Denver, on October 15th and 16th. The fun-filled weekend will take over the Colorado Convention Center and is sure to be an event that collectors from all over Colorado and surrounding states will flock to be a part of.

Besides the shopping fun, there's going to be a free concert with Vanilla Ice and appearances by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Will we have a live "Ninja Rap" performance on the main stage? One can dream. Here's a possible sneak peek of that...

Tickets for Collect-A-Con are on sale now, and kiddos 7 & under are free so the whole fam can get it on the fun. Here's to finding more "junk" to hide store in a closet to be forgotten about.

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