Winter storm Xylia really messed up the beginning of our week....What originally was a tranquil, snowed-in Sunday changed quickly to a commuting nightmare. Many, including me, couldn't even dig out their cars from their parking lots, let alone get down the street.

Thankfully, the City of Fort Collins and their plow drivers worked hard to clear those roads and free up paths for thousands of Fort Collins drivers.

According to a recent tweet, the City said that their plows cleared about 570 miles of street, "enough to stretch from Fort Collins to Albuquerque, New Mexico!" (See the tweet below).

Plow drivers have to focus on their priority roads first, like Harmony, Prospect, and College, but the drivers work hard to clear residential roads, as well. The City of Fort Collins says that if your residential street has yet to be plowed, call 970-221-6615 and they will send plows ASAP.

Luckily for Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, warmer weather is expected through the weekend. Reports from the National Weather Service say that weather will be near 60 degrees on Saturday, with snow returning to the front range on Sunday night.

Thank you to all of the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado plow drivers: We appreciate your hard work!

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