Colorado got hit pretty hard back in 2019 with a "Bomb Cyclone," which created winds blowing snow at up to 100 MPH. Remember that? Well, another could be on the way...

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Bomb Cyclone To Hit Colorado This Week

While I feel like we had one false alarm between now and the Bomb Cyclone in 2019, these storms can be extremely intense. The one in 2019 created a crazy blizzard-like blowing snow outside with wind gusts from 60 to 100 MPH depending on where you were in the state. It was wild.

I remember this storm in particular because it completely knocked over our fence in the backyard. I think this was the first time I had to talk to my neighbors on that side of the fence... What a first meeting. Pic below...

Big Rob TSM
Big Rob TSM

Colorado Bomb And Polor Vortex Cyclone Of January 2024

The folks at 9NEWS are reporting that the potential Bomb Cyclone and Polar Vortex could hit Colorado today and tomorrow (January 11th and 12th). We're to expect light snow early Thursday in parts of the Front Range, with the storm strengthening as it moves East.

As of this writing, they've updated their information to say that even if the Bomb Cyclone is minimal in Colorado, it will bring frigid arctic air from an unstable polar vortex Friday through Monday, which is why the temps will be the coldest they've been since almost exactly one year ago. The potential Bomb Cyclone, though, if it happens in Colorado, won't be anywhere near the one in 2019.

The cold polar vortex weather does not mean snow or moisture, fortunately. With temps as low as 20 below though, we'd probably take warmer temps and snow over that. Here are some tips to help keep yourself and your home safe during this storm.

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