Growing up in the Denver Metro area and going to the mall quite a bit, there is that one smell that draws you in like nothing you can describe. The sweet, sweet smell of cinnamon rolls baking while you are shopping. You can't resist taking a big whiff anytime you would walk remotely close to one of their stores.


If you were to go to the closest Cinnabon location from Northern Colorado, you would have to go south to Longmont or north to Cheyenne. This week that is all going to change! Cinnabon will be opening a location in Fort Collins at the new Maverick convenience store that is located at 561 SE Frontage road right off of Mulberry. You will be able to score yourself a sweet, sweet sample of Cinnabon this Thursday at Maverick from 4 to 8 p.m. and the regular business hours for Cinnabon will start beginning on Friday!


Source: Coloradoan