Chili’s restaurants in Colorado and around the country stopped serving this extremely popular comfort food menu item. What's the deal?

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Chili's Removes Extremely Popular Item From Menus

Sing it with me... I want my baby back baby back baby back... Chili's, baby back ribs. A song that made us all want to dine at the popular Texas-based Chili's restaurants. Don't worry, the baby back ribs are safe, but here's an awesome behind-the-scenes making of that iconic jingle to make you smile before breaking the bad news.

That jingle was my first exposure to the popular restaurant chain, which served up delicious apps, food, and drinks to millions around Colorado ever since I was a kid. I don't recall the ribs being something I ordered more than once though if we're being honest. My go-to app, as it is for many, is their famous chips and queso. Ever tried to re-create that? I've tried many different times and have always failed. Velveeta cheese and red chili just don't re-create the magic that their kitchen staff creates at the restaurant. Don't worry, the queso is also safe. It's the chicken that's in trouble...

Apparently, Chili's announced this back in October but I didn't hear about it until we went in and tried to order than for dinner, but Chili's famous original chicken crispers are no more. Here's their casual way of letting us know of the change through their Twitter account...

Chili's Discontinues The Original Chicken Crispers

Yup, the delicious OG chicken crispers that so many of us ate growing up, and continue to love, are a thing of the past. Why did they feel this extreme comfort food dish needed to go away? In an interview with Today, a spokesperson from Chili's said:

This menu change is part of our simplification and growth initiatives to reduce complexity for Team Members in our heart of house and ultimately provide a better experience for our guests. Right now, our culinary team is focused on perfecting our high-quality, hand-battered Crispy Chicken Crispers, which make up most of our chicken orders — and are quite craveable. "

The good news is that the crispy chicken crispers and the honey-chipotle crispers are still available, for now.

If you're truly inconsolably sad, there is a petition to bring them back. I'll be honest though, it's not even gotten 1,500 signatures yet so it's not looking good. Were you a bigger fan of the original crisper, or are the honey-chipotle crispers more to your liking? As long as the queso doesn't go anywhere, this is a change I can live with, I suppose. Also, I now know what's for dinner sometime this weekend.

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