Alright Chick-fil-A lovers, it's go time! On January 17th the newest Chick-fil-A location in Northern Colorado will open up at 4531 Weitzel St off of I-25 and Harmony Road in Timnath.

Supporters Flock To Restaurants On Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day
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This latest Chick-fil-A location is 4,700 square feet, has a two story interactive play area, dual drive-thru lanes, a dining room that seats 120 customers, free Wi-Fi and brings 110 new jobs to the area!

Now for the fun news... You have a chance to win Chick-fil-A for an entire year! Up to 100 adults have the chance to participate in a scavenger hunt that could result in winning at one year supply of Chick-fil-A! If you would like to get more information about the scavenger hunt, you can go HERE.


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