It was pretty big news when it was announced that Food Network's 'Restaurant Impossible' was coming to Loveland.

Robert Irvine and his team from 'Restaurant Impossible' had two days and $10,000 to help out the six-year-old Casa Real, located in the Orchards Shopping Center in north Loveland.

The arrived Friday, October 8, 2021, and began to 'really get to it' over the next two days. They brought their ideas and tools to help turn Casa Real around. I think the main thing that the restaurant took away from the makeover was how their prices were just too low.

Casa Real revealed that they'd been losing $300,000 a year; it's probably the main reason that the producers selected the restaurant, their glaring profit problem. So, the 'Restaurant Impossible' construction/design crew began working on the dining and bar area of the restaurant, while Irvine had conversations with the owners.

With the grand reopening of Casa Real, the small restaurant is hoping to please the customers that have been coming in, while attracting more.

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Chef Irvine, had the restaurant implement an updated menu, which has met with skepticism.

Wings? What kind of Mexican restaurant has wings?

Another change that has met with bewilderment, is that they are now closed on Sundays. There must be solid reasoning behind it (labor vs customers,) but it does seem odd.

The restaurant did post a sign that they'll be using Chef Irvine's menu for three weeks (which I think sound like a stipulation from the network) and then returning to the prior menu- with higher prices.

It's not known when the episode of 'Restaurant Impossible' featuring Casa Real will air, but I know I'll be tuning in.

Take a look at some of the cosmetic changes the TV show made to the Loveland favorite:

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It was pretty big news when it was announced that Food Network's 'Restaurant Impossible' was coming to Loveland.

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