Hollywood's latest (alleged!) love triangle seems to have been reduced to two sides — Charlie Puth is politely bowing out from a reported romance with Bella Thorne.

Puth and Thorne fueled romance rumors on December 18 when they were spotted together on vacation in Miami. The coupling was strange to some of Thorne's followers, as the actress had seemed to indicate via Snapchat in October she'd been dating Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey.

And when Thorne reminisced about Posey on Twitter earlier today (December 22), and sparked rumors that she and Posey were back together, Puth began to find the whole situation strange, too. More, he found it enough reason to call Thorne out.

"No one should have their heart messed with like this, and I'm not going to be in the middle of it," Puth wrote, and even sympathized with Posey for Thorne's handling of her two rumored dates.

Thorne, though, has since claimed she hasn't done anything wrong, and has insisted she's only friends with Posey and Puth.

What do you make of the situation, and do you believe Puth or Thorne? Share your thoughts on this winding love story in the comments.

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