After yesterday's loss to the Los Angelos Chargers, the Denver Broncos have been eliminated from the Playoff picture for the sixth straight year. Is the Broncos' Headcoach Vic Fangio's time in Denver over?

Denver Broncos Eliminated From Playoffs Again

As a lifelong Denver Broncos fan, it's getting harder and harder to watch this great franchise continue to spiral downward year after year. The team is on its worst playoff drought since the 1970's as ridiculous as that may sound. Six years without even sniffing the playoffs, as we were officially eliminated from the hunt on Sunday. It also gives us our fifth consecutive losing season. One of the stats that was always mind-blowing, was that the Broncos had been to more Super Bowls than they have had losing seasons under the ownership of the late great Pat Bowlen. That sadly is not the case anymore and we are clearly hurting as a franchise without Pat's leadership. The fact that we don't currently have an owner is a huge issue with this franchise right now and it's an issue that we'll hopefully have resolved before this next season.

Vic Fangio Fired As Denver Broncos Head Coach?

Vic Fangio is in the third year of his four-year contract as Head Coach of the Denver Broncos and while some think the Broncos may let him finish out his contract, the majority believe that his days are numbered as the leader of the three-time Super Bowl Champions. "Defense wins championships" is a very common statement regarding NFL teams going all the way, and while his defense has had some bright spots in his time here, it has not been enough to win more than 8 games in each of his 3 years. In fact, Vic has more losses in his first three seasons, 29, than any other Head Coach in franchise history. We're also 1-24 when trailing at the half under his leadership. Hard to overlook stats like that when considering a change at the head coaching position.

As mentioned here, It was announced last night that the Broncos season Finale at home this week against the hated Chiefs has been flexed to the Saturday Afternoon game. Yes, that's how bad we are. And with KC losing this last weekend, they're sure to come to Denver looking to destroy us to secure the better seeding for their playoff run. Wouldn't it be nice to mess that up for them? Would be our 13th loss in a row to KC if they beat us again on Saturday. If Vic can pull off a win, does that save his job? Only time will tell but all signs are pointing to "too little too late." Go Broncos.

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