Even though the Denver Broncos are having their struggles this year, they're still investing in the future as they're locking up some key players as we move forward, including getting a new deal done with star wide receiver, Courtland Sutton.

We're all watching and wondering what the plan is going forward for our beloved Denver Broncos, especially after trading away team leader, Von Miller, to the Los Angeles Rams earlier this season. Over the weekend the Broncos showed they're committed tp keeping this team moving forward as they locked up their two star wide receivers Tim Patrick, and today, Courtland Sutton.

As confirmed above by NFL Insider, Ian Rapoport, Sutton's new deal is a 4 year extension worth $60.8 Million with $34.9 Million guaranteed. Many wondered what he'd look like this year after coming back from that bummer ACL injury last season. Some players don't bounce back from injuries like that but Courtland Sutton put in the work to come back as strong as ever and earned that big deal to keep in the orange and blue for years to come.

Sutton is one of many stars on the Denver Broncos offense that would look extremely appealing to any possible Quarterback that may be looking to re-locate after to 2021 season. Rumors include current Greenbay Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rogers, and as of late people have been mentioning current Seattle Seahawks Quarterback, Russell Wilson. Will either star QB actually be available, only time can tell. I'm sure I can speak for all of Broncos Country when saying that as fans, we'd gladly welcome either superstar to take us to the next level.

Congrats again to Courtland Sutton on earning that new deal, and Go Broncos.

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