Wanna feel old? Britney Spears’ sons are teenagers now.

On Monday (Mar. 2), the pop singer shared a rare photo with her two sons Jayden, 14, and Sean Preston, 15.

“It’s so crazy how time flies... My boys are so big now!!!! I know… I know… it’s very hard for any mama especially a mama with boys seeing them grow up so fast !!!! Talk about enough to make you go to your knees... GEEZ!!!!” Spears wrote on Instagram.

“I’m extremely lucky because my two babies are such gentlemen and so kind that I must have done something right!!!!” she added.

The “Toxic” singer seldom posts photos of her sons, mainly because she wants them to post about themselves on their own.

“I haven’t posted pictures of them for some time cause they’re at the age where they want to express their own identities and I totally get it.... But I went out of my way to make this cool edit and guess what.... They’re finally letting me post it!!!” she excitedly explained. “Now I don’t feel left out anymore and I’m gonna go celebrate.... Oh s--t I guess cool moms don’t do that ... Ok I’ll just read a book instead.”

“Lioness with her Cubs,” the singer’s boyfriend, Sam Asghari, commented with a heart-eyed emoji.

Spears last posted a photo with her boys — whom she shares with ex-husband Kevin Federline — in August 2019 during a trip to Disneyland.

“My boys are older now, so they don’t like their picture taken ever... so I was thrilled today when they said SURE!!!!! Such a great place!!!!!” Spears captioned the post.

According to Us Weekly, Spears is seeing “less” of her two sons as they grow up. The singer was granted 30 percent unsupervised custodial rights in September 2019 but doesn’t have them on a “set schedule.”

“She used to have more time with them until [her ex-husband] Kevin [Federline] altered their custody arrangement after the incident with [her dad], Jamie [Spears, in 2019]. Since then, the boys’ visits have been less frequent,” a source tells the publication. “They spend most of their time at their dad’s house and have very few visits with their mom, especially overnight ones. They are teenagers now and want to be with their friends, not their parents. It’s nothing against Britney; they love and idolize her, and Kevin trusts her. It’s just that they’re getting older, so when they’re not at their main home with Kevin, they’re usually out doing things with friends.”

The source added that Sean Preston and Jayden are “normal boys” who love “sports and being outdoors” and that they “just want to see their mom happy.”

The teenagers allegedly “do not get along” with Jamie, the source shares, adding that they are “not upset” over the three-year restraining order Federline took out against their grandpa in August 2019 following an alleged altercation between Jamie and Sean Preston.

In a March 2020 Instagram Live video, Britney’s youngest son called his grandfather “a jerk,” adding, “Yeah, he’s a pretty big d--k.”

As far as Brit’s current beau? Her sons approve.

“I like Sam,” Jayden said during his Instagram Live. “He’s good, he’s nice. He’s a really good dude.”

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