If she would have gone 10 minutes earlier, she probably would have been right in the middle of the shooting rampage but thankfully for Dan Winters, his wife of almost 58 years left just before the shooting and he is grateful.

According to 9 News, over the past year, Mr. Winters had been doing most of the shopping but every so often his wife would sneak out to stores and go herself. Monday was one of those days and for about 45 minutes, he wasn't sure if the love of his life was in danger, alive or not.

Since neither one of them have cell phones, Dan made his way down to the Boulder King Soopers where the shooting took place where at that time, a massive police presence was there. He kept asking around, looking for answers and after about 45 minutes made his way back home...where he found his wife's car in the driveway.

That's when a big smile broke out for Dan along with a few tears of joy and relief. You're not the only Dan...you're not the only one. I've been crying pretty much the entire time writing this story.

A lesson here...appreciate your loved ones every day, hug often and love hard because every minute, every second counts.


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