We know you can get coffee just about everywhere. The grocery store, the office, the bank, restaurants, fast food joints, even car dealerships. But an actual coffee shop is its own animal. Their focus is coffee, and creating the perfect environment for you to enjoy it. Northern Colorado is home to dozens (if not hundreds) of coffee shops, both locally owned and national chains. So, we thought we’d take a stab at putting together our top-5 coffee shops.

Who has the best coffee in Fort Collins? Windsor? Loveland? Greeley? That’s a tough call because everyone’s tastes are so varied. Just because someone doesn’t like the super dark roast from “coffee shop A” doesn’t mean it’s bad, just that said person might not like a super dark roast coffee period.

As an air-staff here at 99.9 The Point just the six of us can’t even agree on one single “best” coffee, so here are 5 of our favorite spots:

Moxie Java, 2815 E. Harmony Road, Fort Collins

Moxie Java feels like a home away from home. They make a splendid White Chocolate Mocha as well as fun seasonal drinks. And as my wife says, “They treat you like family, they remember your name and drink, which always feels great” Moxie has a big table which is great for large groups or meetings. They also have nooks for sitting and chatting, outlets for computers, and nice patio for sunny days. And for a comic book-geek like me, there is caricature artwork depicting their "super baristas" on the wall - very fun! -Beano

Moxie Logo

Alley Cat Café, 120 1/2 West Laurel Street, Fort Collins

I’d have to say that the best place to get a delicious Chi is at the Alley Cat! It tastes like rainbows and unicorns mixed with heaven. Plus it comes in a big cup. You could get it to go but why would you want to? Alley Cat has comfy couches to lounge on, and tables to play the many board games they have. The ceiling is nothing but art and it’s a great place to go to study…If you need to. They also have a patio which is great for warmer weather, and I didn’t even mention the best part, they are open 24 hours! It works out great for a night owl like me craving some delicious coffee in a comfortable environment! -Derek

Alley Cat Cafe

Margie's Java Joint, 931 16th Street, Greeley

There is one thing that I could not possibly live without and that's coffee. In my opinion the best coffee shop in Northern Colorado would have to be Margie's Java Joint in Greeley.

When you walk into Margie's you feel like you are in a different place. As you walk in the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sound steaming milk stimulate your senses. Margie’s gives off the vibe of a "hippy, college coffee shop," which is hard to find anywhere else in Greeley. The art work that is displayed in the shop is not only great to look at while you sip on coffee but also showcases the talent from around the community. The shop is next to a bookstore so you have some easy access to excellent reading material. I know when I was in school it was great to be able to grab a text book and cup of Joe all on the same run. Oh, and did I mention the selection of coffee? They have everything from the decaf cup of black coffee to specialty drinks like An Organ Chi Late. (The Oregon Chi is the best!) - Mary Alice

Margie's Java Joint

The Human Bean, 821 N. College, Fort Collins

The Human Bean is “just” a drive through location, but sometimes, I really just want to grab a cup and go. Human Bean doesn’t disappoint with a good selection of coffee and specialty drinks. Every time I go they are very fast and very friendly. And to top it off you get a chocolate covered espresso bean with every order. Love it. (I also give them props because I dig their name) –Beano

Human Bean

Starry Night Espresso Café, 112 S. College Avenue, Fort Collins

Starry night is located in the heart of Old Town, they have a wide selection of beverages to choose from and an amazing array of desserts. Lemon cake, carrot cake, or a 7 layer bar is welcome additions to my coffee purchases at Starry Night. It has a nice laid back atmosphere and some great artwork around the shop. My biggest complaint is that sometimes it‘s tough to find a seat when they get busy. -Beano

“My favorite cup of coffee is at Starry Night” -Kama

Starry Night

Alba Coffee, 1530 Main Street, Windsor

One of my favorite coffee joints is just down the street from our studios (how convenient). Alba Coffee is home to some very friendly baristas and some very good coffee. They have some of the best specialty drinks around, and I love my “candy bar coffees”. Lately, my favorite has been the Caramel Macchiato. They have great daily specials and sometimes bring in live music. I also like the fact that they have an open and spread-out seating arrangement so you don’t have to share your table and your conversation with 3 other tables if you don’t want to. -Beano

Alba Coffee

Who has your favorite cup o' joe?  What did I miss in this write-up?  If your favorite shop isn't on here comment and show them some love below.

With so many options it's tough to narrow down a list, but here are a few other honorable mentions we discussed.


Where is the best cup of coffee in Northern Colorado? What is YOUR favorite coffee shop?

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