This popular smaller town Colorado restaurant will soon be making a huge transition by next months end. What's the reason for the drastic change? Here's all we know.

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The Back 9 At Bella Rosa Changing Direction Next Month

It's hard sometimes to find a local spot in your town that becomes your go-to. Great food, service, familiar faces. It's not super rare to find that kind of situation, but it's not always that easy either. I've always thought it would be cool to find a place like that old TV show, "Cheers." Ya know, where everybody knows your name? Who doesn't wanna walk in and have the whole place cheer "NORM!" If you've not seen the show, that reference is probably lost on you, but my point is it's nice to find a place you can go again and again and feel the love, and when "your place" makes big changes, it can be frustrating. That's what's going on in Frederick, Colorado right now.


Bella Rosa Restaurant To Halt Full Service Dining In May 2023

A Carbon Valley favorite, which was way more than a club house restaurant for golfers, is set to make a major change. The town of Frederick, Colorado, announced that the popular Back 9 at Bella Rosa will be transitioning from a full service restaurant to a grab 'n go to style restaurant as of May 2023. The new version of this local favorite will offer snacks, beverages, and other "convenient" food options. In a press release from the city about the change, they said:

In line with the Town's 2020 and current Strategic Plan, there have been tremendous efforts by staff to improve many aspects of the restaurant while continuously assessing the short-term and long-term financial position of the golf course and restaurant. Consistent with the Town's commitment to “Fiscally Responsible Government” as part of the Strategic Plan the Town has determined that the community’s best interests will be served by reducing the General Fund subsidy of the food and beverage operations to $0.


The restaurant was run by a third party from 2006 to 2019 but that relationship was terminated in late 2019. You can read the town full press release on the change here.

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