Greeley is getting it's Beauty School back years after Cheeks closed it's doors. A new beauty school is in the works to open this year in Greeley. A new beauty school will not only bring job options for cosmetology instructors, but also, affordable education for those wanting a versatile, creative, pay-it-forward career that can take anyone, anywhere. Learn skills that will put you a step above your competition and avoid putting you in the cookie-cutter category of the main-chain hair salons. This beauty school will make your skills in demand with the public who want a million dollar haircut.

Richie Rich Salon owner, Richard Mariani, is making his vision for an affordable Beauty School for all those diamonds in the ruff, come true. Through his GoFundMe account, he is asking for the community to help him make this dream come true that much faster. Through donations and not your tax dollars, you can help potential beauty artists start get the great schooling they need to have amazing careers. Not only do the students benefit but the community will too with all the great haircuts there will be around town!

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