Did you know there is a premium vodka distillery right here in northern Colorado? Syntax Spirits is nestled in Greeley right next to Crabtree Brewing Company and produces the lovely ‘Class V’ vodka.

We are lucky to have a plethora of top-notch microbreweries in northern Colorado, so a good distillery should be a welcome addition. Derek & I paid a visit to the distillery to find out just what Syntax Spirits is all about.

Syntax was started by Heather Bean and Jeff Copeland, who have over 30 years of combined brewing experience. They spent the second half of 2010 building their operation in an empty concrete storage warehouse, building and installing everything you see in it today. They opened their tasting room doors in early March and started selling their vodka in local bars and liquor stores.

Kitty Kayaker
"Kitty Kayaker"

‘Class V’ vodka is the distillery’s lone product so far. They call it “a smooth drinking, easy mixing, very sippable premium vodka.” It has a light fruity flavor and goes well with many different kinds of drinks. You can have it on the rocks, mixed, or infused (they have 4 superb infusions of Citrus, Pepper, Apple-Cinnamon, and Vanilla). ‘Class V’ is “made like a vodka but sexy like a tequila.”

You can recognize bottles of ‘Class V’ by the striking image of the kayaking super-heroine ‘Kitty Kayaker.’ Just about everyone at the distillery is an avid paddler, so it only made sense that the vodka they make with water from the Poudre river has a label with a little Poudre river attitude.

They paddle the Poudre. They use Poudre water for vodka. They use Weld County Wheat. You really can’t get more local than that!

There are a bunch of fun-loving, good-natured folks that work at Syntax, and they do a great job. They're not kidding when they say they make smooth vodka, and they have a whole selection of mixed drinks you can order in the tasting room. The infusions are a big hit too, my favorite was the apple-cinnamon.

Infused Vodkas
The "Sea Breeze"

Right now they are open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 4pm to 11pm, and they might add more days to the tasting room schedule as interest builds.

What makes Syntax stand out (aside from making a great vodka)? Heather put it best when she said,

“We are a hyper-local distillery. We are literally taking grain from Weld County, 3 blocks away; we pick it up at the elevator. We do everything from scratch, we use local water from the Poudre River…and we make Vodka.”

By the end of the year Syntax also plans on releasing a white rum. Who wouldn’t love a local rum for Christmas mojitos?!

If you like vodka, I think you'll love this place. Stop by the tasting room or see if your favorite bar or liquor store carries 'Class V' and judge for yourself.


Syntax Spirits

625 3rd Street, Unit C

Greeley, CO 80631


Syntax Spirits is northern Colorado’s first vodka distillery, built from the ground up, by and for Colorado people.  We buy our Weld County wheat three blocks from the distillery and mix it up with whitewater from the nearby Cache La Poudre River to create our Class V vodka. Our strong commitment to the outdoors led us to the name Class V, because that’s the rating of the hardest whitewater on our favorite local rivers.

We designed the stills to produce a complex vodka with the buttery smooth feel that wheat vodka is known for, along with a sinfully smooth finish. Class V is a vodka with true Colorado soul that performs beautifully server straight, on the rocks mixed, or infused. Pour it and let your adventurous side take over!


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