Colorado is home to four incredible National Parks and eight must-see National Monuments. When you are done visiting all of those we have a list of 42 State Parks to talk about.

Would it surprise you to learn that the state of New York leads the way with 178 State Parks? Here in Colorado, we've been a bit more selective. Scroll for photos and some fun facts about each State Park in the Centennial State.

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Which Colorado State Parks are in Mesa County?

Mesa County is home to three different state parks. Highline Lake State Park, Vega State Park, and James M. Robb Colorado River State Park are all great places to fish, swim, and enjoy year-round mountain views.

Which Colorado State Park Started It All?

While Lathrop State Park may not be the oldest State Park, it does enjoy the distinction of being first. The park opened in 1962 and is named after Colorado's very first Director of State Parks Harry Lathrop.

Colorado's famous Cherry Creek State Park was open in 1959 but was not yet officially designated as a State Park.

Which Colorado State Park is the Largest One?

Colorado's State Forest State Park is by far the largest one. State Forest State Park covers 70,838 acres in Jackson and Larimer County. This park features the Medicine Bow Mountains, wildlife, mountain lakes, and 60 campsites so you can take your time exploring all weekend.

See All 42 of Colorado's Beautiful State Parks

There are 42 State Parks open to the public in Colorado with 1 in development. We also include the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area as an unofficial State Park. Scroll through the photos to learn more about each one of these popular destinations.

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