A conversation with Bryce Hall seems to have served as songwriting inspiration for Addison Rae.

On Monday (March 22), Rae seemingly revealed on The Zane Lowe Show that her ex-boyfriend, and fellow TikTok star, inspired the lyrical content of her debut single “Obsessed.”

“So, the night recording this... I mean the process, there's a little story behind the entire song. So. I was driving right before the studio, I had dropped off my ex boyfriend—my boyfriend at the time—and I dropped him off at his house," Rae shared. "And then before that happened he looked at me and was like, 'I'm obsessed with you.' And I was like, 'Me too.' And I didn't really mean that. It was kind of an accident. I mean, I didn't really mean that. I kind of meant, I'm obsessed with you, too. But he was like, 'Oh, are you obsessed with yourself?' And I was like, 'You know what? I should be.' And then I was like, 'But I'm obsessed with you too, whatever.'”

“So, I ended up getting to the studio and I was running a little bit behind, and I walk in and they had already started working on this track," she continued. "They were really building it out, it was just a few chords. And then we already had a concept that we had previously talked about, we had been writing that entire week and we started writing it over the track. I walked in and they were like, 'Yeah, we're working on this concept, this track, whatever.' So we start writing and then probably an hour into it I'm like, 'Let me tell you guys about this story. I just told my boyfriend that I was obsessed with myself, but I didn't mean to.' And they were like, 'Wait, you should be obsessed with yourself.' And I'm like, 'You know what? You're so right.'”

“And so we crafted this concept almost on an accident, but then turned it into something that means so much more," Rae continued. "There's two ways people can look at this. They can look at it like, oh, she's obsessed with herself. Which is funny because social media nowadays kind of makes that image look like that's how it is,” Rae stated, “You only really post yourself on your own social media and that's been such a big thing for now. But also just loving yourself and realizing that to feel loved by someone else you really have to love yourself.”

The famous TikTok couple are rumored to have called it quits after Hall was accused of cheating on Rae while in Las Vegas filming a vlog a few weeks ago. Hall has denied the rumors.

On Sunday (March 21), he even posted a TikTok dancing to Rae’s new song. "Y’all hatin but it’s a bop," he captioned the video.

Fans noticed on Monday night that the He’s All That actor was no longer following Hall on social media.

While there has been no official confirmation on whether or not #Braddison is still together, Rae's new interview seems to have put the nail in the coffin. If so, at least she got a song out of it.

Watch the video for Addison Rae's "Obsessed," below:

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