Not that it's something you think about often, but one Colorado city made a Top 5 list of best places to be to survive a zombie apocalypse. What? Let me explain...

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Colorado City Top 5 Best For Surviving Zombie Apocalypse

I'll be completely honest, I've not once, not even one time, thought about what I'd do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. What would I do? Where would I go? Could this really happen? None of those have ever popped into my mind. Popular shows like the Walking Dead have really made the zombie craze super popular and has clearly opened up people's imaginations to the possibility to this happening someday. I know this because a study was done, and one Colorado city was ranked in the Top 5 best places to go to survive a zombie apocalypse. If this is something you've ever thought about, we got you.

The folks at Lawn Love were inspired by the CDC's guide for a zombie apocalypse, and decided to do some digging to come up with the cities with the best chance of survival should that sort of event ever arises. They based their ranking on things like the city's vulnerability, hideouts, supplies, protection, and more. After all of their research, they found that Colorado Spring was the 5th safest city to be in to survive a zombie apocalypse. Fort Collins is the 2nd safest city in Colorado coming in at 13th. Lakewood comes in at 36, Denver at 62, and Aurora rounds out Colorado cities at number 71.

Colorado Springs has a "Zombie Outpost" store full of goodies to have on hand should that crazy day ever arrive, so maybe they should have been number one.

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