That giant and bright Strawberry moon thing that was in the sky last week was pretty epic, but as cool as a moon can be, it's even cooler to see another planet in the sky and when you have the opportunity to see FIVE planets lined up in a sky, that's just all sorts of awesome and that's exactly what's going to be happening in the Colorado skies coming up this weekend.

They've been visible on occasion throughout the past few weeks but apparently on Friday June 24th, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all be on full display and visible from Earth better than ever, weather pending.

THERE is a chance of off and on showers coming throughout the weekend so fingers crossed those clouds don't come in early and block the views for this cool event.

By looking southeast right before sunrise on Friday morning, you should be able to see all 5 planets lined up in the Colorado sky, something that hasn't happened since 2004 and won't happen again until 2040.


Whether you're a star gazer or not, this is going to be pretty neat, especially if you have a telescope.

If you happen to miss it this Friday, this rare planet visual will be visible, although not quite as clearly until early July.


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